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and a get-over artist. Always calling early and hoping to cop a couple of free minutes on the sly.

"Don't worry, big daddy," she cooed to the phone. "Just hold on and wait your turn. You're my first, sweetie, so you always get it fresh and hot."

Three minutes later the ambience ws perfect and Bliss was ready for work. The lavender polish on her toenails had dried, and her long brown hair hung to her shoulders in soft, loose curls. Rising from her stool, she took a deep breath and gazed into the mirror, pleased by what she saw. Her lipstick looked hot, and already she was moist down below. A smoldering gaze had entered her eyes and a pair of delicate pearl earrings dangled sexily from her lobes.

Her round, custom-built party bed beckoned her. It was a huge lavender and purple throne with ten brilliant satin pillows and a thick, quilted satin covering. The sheets were made of expensive lavender silk, and Bliss sighed with pleasure as she slid her lower body between them and proppped herself up against the pillow.

At exactly 10 AM the phone rang again, and this time Bliss was happy to answer it.