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her hair was red. If they wanted a slut, she was the sluttiest bitch on the planet. If they wanted to know how wet her panties were, those suckers were drenched. Bliss was a professional, and she provided a high-quality professional-grade service.

Which was one reason that she was comfortable with a ringing phone. She actually enjoyed letting the phone go unanswered because it was one area of her life where she wielded absolute control. Her clients called for her, she didn't call for them. They needed her. She didn't need them. Besides, Bliss knew exactly who was on the other end of the line at this time of morning, and she also knew he'd continue to call every sixty seconds or so until she picked up.

"You ain't on my radar for another three minutes," she admonished the ringing phone with a soft giggle. The client's name flashed on her caller ID and Bliss checked her file and ran his credit card number through her system for a quick approval. There was no such thing as anonymity on a sex call. Bliss always knew exactly who she was talking to. The caller's billing information showed up as clear as day. Bliss nodded as the approval code came through. Yeah, old boy had great credit, but he was a control