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grinned. "It's coming baby. Don't be so damned impatient!"

Bliss prided herself on being a chameleon. A talented actress who provided top-notch customer service. One reason she was so successful at what she did was because she could talk about anything. Phone sex wasn't always about sex. People were usually looking to make a human connection, and on the phone Bliss came across as brilliant. Worldly and well-read. She'd practically raised and educated herself by watching television and studying over the Internet, and there wasn't much she hadn't explored.

But a two-bedroom apartment had its limitations, and Bliss was human and she had her own human needs. In a way she got just as much from these calls as her clients did. And that was why, no matter how bad Bertha might be feeling out there in the Sick Room, it was important that everything about Bliss, from her hair down to her toes, be perfect each time she entered the Purple Room.

Bliss had discovered a winning formula that kept her clients faithful and coming back for more. She accomodated them. She encouraged them. She indulged them. If they fantasized about a redhead,