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Chapter 2

A sultry ring tone jingled in the Purple Room as Bliss went about her morning routine. It was a hot, frantic beat over slow jungle drums, cut with soft sighs and moans of unmistakable sexual frenzy.

It was 9:52 AM and perched upon her double-wide crushed-velvet bench with cutout pieces of foam stucked between her brightly polished toes, Bliss ignored the phone and leaned closer to the vanity mirror as she applied a thin line of purple eyeliner to her lower lids. A smooth jazz hit drifted from the wall-mounted speakers and Bliss gently shook one swollen foot along with the rhythm, her mood just about set, her spirit peaceful and relaxed.

She'd spent the last hour prepping herself, and the bright purple thong and satin kimono she wore had been misted with fresh lavender. Two minutes later she'd gotten both eyes done and had delved into her makeup kit again when the melodic tune blared from her 1-9-0-0 line once more.

"All right!" Bliss muttered under her breath as she massaged cafe au lait cream blemish concealer into her soft cheeks. She batted her eyes in the mirror and