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Let me just keep it funky for you.

I'm a street niggah, a hustler, a certified gangster. Almost everything you heard about me is true. I got drunk and got high too. I robbed and stole, and yeah, I've even killed. I've been locked up and locked down. I've knocked a couple of birds on their asses and put a look in my mam's eyes that would make you crawl on your knees in shame. I've always been the kind to take what I wanted, and truth be told, they could've put me down a long time ago. If not for this, then for something else. Armed robbery, drug trafficking, money laundering... they don't send you to the penitentiary for being no choir boy. I was a criminal then, and I'm a criminal now. The streets are hungry and I've always paid my dues.

Difference is, this time I gotta pay with my life.


CNN was on it like white on rice.

First there was the Amber Alert. Then the ground search. Sympathetic white folks beat back bushes and crawled around in back alleys trying to find her. And two days later they did. In the basement of an



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