A Woman's Worth

"The exciting cast of characters in A Woman's Worth will keep you intrigued with their loves, lives and lies. There's plenty of suspense, family values and good old loving. But what stands out most is how her male her male characters, as hard as they are, aren't afraid to really love the women in their lives."


"A Woman's Worth is a masterfully written story where Price-Thompson not only demonstrates her writing talent with prose that makes you read a sentence twice because of its beauty, but she also provides a compelling not-happily-ever-after story that will keep you flipping the pages... A novel that will have your heart pounding, your eyes tearing, and a story lingering in your mind long after you've read the last page."

-Quarterly Black Review

"This intriguing family drama will have you empathizing with the characters, and the ending of this captivating book will take you totally by surprise."

-Romantic Times

"Price-Thompson has a keen ear for spoken cadence for evoking a scene--its hues, humidity, pulse, and scents--all thewhile keeping the tension taut."

-Ms. magazine

"With A Woman's Worth, Price-Thompson explores cross-cultural issues relating to gender and sexual freedom and, most important, accentuates the core of Black identity--the enormous strength of family."

-The Skanner (Portland)

"[A Woman's Worth] leaves you wanting more."

-Asbury Park Press


"Black Expressions Book Club has made 1-900 Anytime its October 2009 MAIN Selection."

Black Coffee

[Black Coffee] puts a literal spin on the war between the sexes... This is not a lighthearted, sweet-talking love story, but an energizing slice of ultra-contemporary romance."

-Publishers Weekly

"A racy tale of romance and ambition in the military."

-The Washington Post

"Price-Thompson has set this novel among a seldom-written-about group, African Americans in the military... [She does] an excellent job of showcasing a lifestyle not often glamorized by contemporary novelists."


Chocolate Sangria

"A wonderfully written novel that demands attention from page one."

-Zane, author of The Heat Seekers

"[A] heart-wrenching tale of love and family... a fable on the consequences of keeping secrets and betrayal."

-USA Today

"Vivid, striking prose, heartfelt and authentic. Chocolate Sangria is a thought-provoking book that examines sensitive issues among people of color."

-MARCUS MAJOR, author of 4 Guys and Trouble

Knockin' Boots

"Sexy fun, lewd language, and a little bit of reflection on sex and race in America."

-Kirkus Reviews, on Knockin' Boots